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Macbook Pro MD104, MD103 $1250 to $1388 free ship world

I have some macbook

Macbook 2,1
Intel core 2 duo T7400 2.17 Ghz
OS X 10.7.5 full soft (full ADOBE, AUTO CAD, Final Cut Pro, iWork, iLife, Office 2011 full, sketchup...)
NEW like 98%






Screen: 15.4 -inch (diagonal) high-Res Glossy widescreen display 
HDD: 750GB
                Intel HD Graphics 4000 512MB
                AMD RADEON HD 650M 1 GB
Port: 2 USB 3.0 (980 Mbps), 1 SD card, 1 head, 1 mic, Wi-fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0.
Audio: Stereo speakers
Camera: FaceTime Full HD

Pice: $1388.89


Screen: 15.4 -inch (diagonal) high-Res Anti-Glare widescreen display 
HDD: 500GB . 
                 Intel HD Graphics 4000 512MB
                 AMD RADEON HD 650 M 512 MB
Port: 2 USB 3.0 (980 Mbps), 1 SD card, 1 head, 1 mic, Wi-fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0.
Audio: Stereo speakers
Camera: FaceTime Full HD

AppleCare to 2016
Price: $1250.00



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How to earn money by your iPhone with FeaturePoints ( 5-10$ per day!!!!

Detailed instructions for 5-10$/day with FeaturePoints (

Surely you've had too much the tittle of this type and is not, and you probably have not hesitated to click on that link or you will doubt the authenticity of this information I understand J And J does not need What explains a lot, after reading the instructions below you will understand why so many headlines like this one.

FeaturePoints is a way to make $ by downloading free apps. Number $ you earn can be used to purchase premium apps on the Apple Appstore or you can withdraw cash. The process is simple: Download the application, open the application in the 30s, received $ bonus.

In this article I will introduce the following:

1. Summary FeaturePoints
      What is Featurepoints?
      Reward: Reward joining FeaturePoints
      Referral: Introduce your friends to enjoy 50% of them received
2. Guide
      Installation instructions FeaturePoints
      Change IP VPN Guide with one click to download the app much more
      Received $ Bonus Guide
      Referral Instructions: Tell your friends to enjoy 50% of them received

Bingo !!! J

1. Profile views about FeaturePoints

What is FeaturePoints?
We can understand that simple FeaturePoints an intermediate advertising companies. The software company wants its software to be highly ranked in the world, so they are willing to pay a large sum of money subject FeaturePoints search market its software or simply to increase the turn downlaod Their soft, and of course we will be entitled to a portion of the money that

Method of operation FeaturePoints
        Download the app
        Open the downloaded applications and use over 30 seconds
        Done :)

Reward: Reward joining FeaturePoints
You can get rewarded with a variety of ways, but the general is this: every 600 points will be converted by $ 1. You can withdraw Paypal or receive gift card to download the free application, get itunes gift card, amazon gift card purchase ... 
Average day you can get bonus points from 3000-6000 (approximately $ 5 $ -10 / day). Plus if you have more friends to join up to number 12000-20000/ngay costs 20 $ -30 $. A small figure is not At first listen for 5-10 $ / day seems quite large but we can earn money quickly, in reality, if only to download and install the software on your iPhone, then You can earn this amount in less than a few hours.

2. Guide
Installation instructions FeaturePoints

-First you open safari and visit (type corectlyYou should follow this link to get 50 points and will be the first to share your applications with the following major points as well as their support. Important: you will be sharing key VPN one click for 2 years and of course you will receive 50% of every app you down. :)

-Click the Start Now button to start

-It asks if you want to install FlickPoints not. Click Download to start earning

-Click Install 

-Wait a second to download the complete application  

-After downloading, open the application. It will automatically switch to FeaturePoints

-Click the arrow buttons below to save on your home screen FeaturePoints for later convenience can turn at any time without having to type the address again

-Click Add

-Click Add

-And this is the second icon you just added to the home screen. FeaturePoints is to download the app for each app from 24-800 depending on the app. And FlickPoints is to make the video, each video is worth 3-4 points and unlimited number of views.

-To start the job, press FeaturePoints. Here you will find a lot of applications and is attached next to the score you will receive after the download is completed.

-Select an application any

-Click on Download and earn xxx$
-It will turn navigation links to the app store Appstore. Now you just click Install to install
-Wait for the download and installation are complete, turn on the app and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The application is finished off, go back and view points featurePoints
-The necessary applications or or you can keep the remaining can be removed by pressing and holding the icon until it vibrate and hit the x. Done! Depending you decide their fate

-For FlickPoints, also very simple way. Just turn up FlickPoints. Click Play to earn a random video 

 -Click on the video, the video has finished playing

Click the x to exit, and you get bonus points


-Because of country IP-limited applications and video, so you need to change the IP to other countries to have more applications. Here is how to change the IP

Change IP Guide with VPN one click to download the app much more

-First you go to the Appstore, search box and type in VPN one click

-Choose VPN one click application

-Press Free to install

-After installed, open the application up. Choose the 7 day free trial, the app will take you to an installer

-Click Install

-Click to install

-If your iphone locked by a password then enter the password. Wait a second to place the installation process, it can take 2-3 minutes.


-Now you can go to Settings, select VPN, select the country where you want to fake IP and turn on. Done! Now just open FlickPoints or FeaturePoints and work.

-Note: if you have the right to access their referral link above, please contact me to receive 2 years free key. Contact us below via iMessage 

Received $ Bonus Guide

-In FeaturePoints or FlickPoints, select Rewards, rewards choose to receive, enter your email address on. Wait emails sent to follow instructions can be garnered $.

-There are many rewards you can choose freely. From the popular game...

most game ...

And this ... more



-And result J

Referral Instructions: Tell your friends to enjoy 50% of them received 
 -A simple guide, go to Earn more, copy your link and try to spread it to many people as well  

Yes, these are introduced in great detail that he was trying to cast. The last thing I want to remind you that wish to succeed in work and ... go on with my team J

Note: You do visit my links after completing installation please leave your link in the comment to help introduce its :)